One Percent for the Planet !

Gota Dagua Surf Camps join One Percent for the Planet 


Are you ready to create a new environmental legacy together? Because we are!! We at Gota Dagua decided to donate 1% of every euro we make to our planet. Why? So, we can give back to our planet, give back to the waves we surf daily, and give back to this beautiful life. We are so grateful for the nature around us and recognize our role and responsibility within.


Why is the environment important?


Should we really answer this question? Isn’t it obvious guys? Just like the waves that we surf every day, the sunsets we enjoy together and these beautiful beaches are all thanks to our amazing planet.

I think we have said enough, right? It is time to show some gratitude and give back.

That’s why we decided to make a change. Grouping up with one percent for the planet, we can make a difference.





Who is ´One Percent for the Planet´?


´One Percent for the Planet´ is a movement created in 2002, and it has quickly scaled up to more than 3.000 members coming together to protect the future of our planet. Individuals, as well as companies of all sizes, can contribute to this incredible movement.

Yvon Chouinard founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, bundled their forces and created ´One percent for the planet´. They are both outdoor enthusiasts, that realized their responsibility to protect our planet.

´One percent for the planet´ offers all their members to connect with high-impact non-profit partners that align with their values. Every member can choose with which high-impact non-profit partner they would like to partner up with.

Joining this movement is an amazing step for us to start giving back to the environment. So that we, together with all our fellow members, can make a positive impact on our planet.


What do we do more?


Next to donating 1% of all our sales to a non-profit organization that aligns with our values, we also…

  • Make sure that all our cleaning products are ecologic
  • We recycle all our garbage, as you can imagine beers bottles stack up pretty fast (especially the tasty Sagres ones)
  • Gota Dagua t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets are all CO2 climate neutral, fair wear, and made of 100% organic cotton
  • We have lots of Tupperware, wherein we will keep the leftovers for lunch so there is absolutely no food wasted at Gota Dagua
  • We organize a beach cleaning every week with all the guests in the camp, it is a fun activity and a huge success!! Only last year we cleaned 0,5 tons of garbage, crazy right!!
  • We efficiently use the water of all our utilities
  • We occasionally provoke a conversation regarding our planet while enjoying a beautiful sunset at the beach



One Percent for the Planet



We would like to inspire you to, just like us, take action and help out our planet. This can be done as simply as starting to recycle and reuse. The blog ´goingzerowaste´ gives some helpful tips on how small changes in your daily life can have huge effects on our planet. Or you could join the movement of one percent for the planet. Are you as excited as us about this project? Signing up for a membership is super easy and everyone can join. Whether you are a company or an individual. Check out ´One Percent For the Planet´ sign-up page to get the membership started. Don’t forget guys that every contribution, however small it is, will help protect our planet.


As you can see, we at Gota Dagua care about the planet and our environment. We would love to welcome you to Gota Dagua, we could catch some waves, enjoy sunsets and talk about our beautiful planet while enjoying a nice local beer!


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