A (non-) typical surf vacation in Gota d´Àgua Surf Camp

Well, if you are not sure if a surf holiday in a surf camp is something for you or your fellas, you should read this article. Nowadays surfing and surf camps are on a rise. And guess what? There is an explanation for that: You will benefit from a perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation with the benefits of being at the beach (who doesn´t love beach life?), being healthy (definitely priceless) and learning a sport which is highly addictive. Because of that, numerous surf camps popped up during the last years all over the world. It´s hard to take a decision on where to go and that´s why we want to give you some more insights about staying at Gota d´Àgua at the Costa da Caparica. If you want to know the best time to come to Caparica you should check out our article The best time to come to surf in Gota d´Àgua.  Still, staying with us will never be typical since we love to be spontaneous and every single guest, arriving from all over the world, will be a part of forming your experience.

Where to stay?
Gota d´Àgua Surf Suites or Surf Camp?

Last year we opened our second surf house: Gota d´Àgua Suites, which is located within 10 second (!) walking distance from the main surf camp. The new surf suites are private rooms only, with balconies, a nice kitchen, living room and a little garden to relax from your sessions.  It caters the needs of people who want to travel as a couple, family or if you just fancy some more privacy. The great thing is that you can always take part in all the activities taking place in the other surf house: the surf camp, where you can easily meet up with other surf addicts at our Gota bar, at the family dinners, BBQs, the yoga sessions or the surf movie nights with our lovely crew. In our surf camp we have 2 private rooms as well as 3 dorm rooms, a huge garden, chill out area, living room and kitchen.

What is Gota d´Àgua like?

Our surf camp was founded by 4 friends who grew up together and shared the same dreams and passions: surfing and meeting and uniting people from all over the world. We love to show you our authentic Portugal, with our secret highlights far away from the crowds and the typical Lisbon tourist attractions (of course you should visit them, after your stay or on your free days and afternoons, which is highly recommended by us). One of the founders will always be around and will guide you through the day and tell you everything about the surf culture in Portugal. We don´t see Gota d´Àgua as a business, but as a place to share experiences with each other.

If you are staying in Gota d´Àgua it’s up to you if you join us for activities, chats and company before, after and in between the surf lessons, or if you take the time for yourself to discover the Costa da Caparica and Lisbon! We are always there to help you to organise your perfect surf holiday! You can check as well our articles The best secret spots in Lisbon or 5 reasons for travelling alone to a Surf Camp to get some more information.

What about the surf?

We have different locations at the Costa da Caparica for our surf lessons. Depending on the days and conditions we will drive you to Tarquinio Beach at the centre of Caparica (about 7 minutes) or we check out the beach of Sao Joao (5 minute drive). Both spots are beachbreaks, where you don’t have to worry about rocks in the water at all. We will provide you with a wetsuit, a board and a charming and certified surf instructor. We can assure you, that there will be never more than 5 people with a Gota d ´Àgua surf instructor to guarantee your safety and a great learning progress.  The amount of surf lessons you can choose individually when you book your trip with us. If you want to know why Costa da Caparica (we call it just Costa in the area of Lisbon) is a great place to surf, you can check our article 6 reasons why you should come to Costa da Caparica to surf.


A typical surf day in our surf camp?


Normally you will start your day with a healthy breakfast in the morning. After that we will pack our stuff and leave for our morning surf lesson. After the lesson you can decide if you want to relax at the beach, have a fresh juice or an Acai (special super food, originally from Brazil) at the centre or just chill at the surf house.

In the afternoon there will be another possibility for a second surf session, or you can go by yourself to visit Lisbon with all its sites, gardens, bars, concerts and cultural events. Another possibility to calm down from your surf sessions are our yoga lessons,  surf-movie cinema nights! or to go with us to one of the sunset viewpoints around Costa da Caparica, to enjoy the most beautiful part of the day with an ice-cold drink!

4 days a week, during the evenings, we prepare a delicious typical Portuguese family dinner, and once a week we will have our famous BBQ night with live music. This might be a singer/ songwriter- bonfire-style or a samba band, which mostly results in everyone dancing after a few of our maracuja sangrias.

During the summer months we love to go with our guests for a day trip to paradise beach, which is a 40-minute drive away from Caparica. Here we can jump from cliffs and snorkel through crystal clear water!

For the party animals Gota d´Àgua is organising the famous Wild-Wednesday beach parties from June until August, where all the local surf camps meet up for an unforgettable sunset party, where you can dance in the sand! In our surf camp you can always have some drinks and chats at our bar and in the garden, but since we are a surf camp, we always take care that you can sleep and rest. If you don´t want the night to finish, there is always the possibility to go to one of the bars downtown Caparica or to share a 15 minutes Uber drive to Lisbon! We can assure you that one of our crew members is always up for a last drink or dance!

We hope we could give you an idea about a surf holiday in our surf camp! If you need some more ideas about us we welcome you to check us out on Instagram, Youtube or just give us a call! We are looking forward to surf with you soon!


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