6 Reasons Why you Should Come to Costa da Caparica to Surf 

By Helen Talbot (@helenhula)

Surfers living in Portugal will undoubtedly regard Costa da Caparica as an awesome place to catch some waves and the Portuguese in general know it’s a great place to go to the beach. However, it’s still fairly unknown to foreign visitors. They’re missing out! Caparica is one of the best spots in the whole of Portugal to surf. Here are six reasons why you just HAVE to come to Gota d’Água surf camp in Costa da Caparica on your next surf trip.

1. The waves

Depending on the conditions, surfers of all levels will find waves to suit them here in Caparica. But especially beginners can benefit from the area’s fun waves, perfect for advancing from standing up for the first time to catching your first green waves. Here we have consistent beach/jetties breaks, with no rocky sea bed to worry about. An ideal spot for people new to the sport and for intermediate surfers. Plus, at Gota d’Água, you know you’ll be in good hands with our amazing team of fully-qualified, professional and fun surf instructors.

2. The beaches

In Caparica, the beaches are wide, sandy and clean. To top it all off, there are no crowds and only during peak season, in July and August, will you find loads of people on the beach. In between surf sessions you will have a great time just relaxing on the beach, watching other surfers and looking out to the open ocean. And don’t miss the gorgeous sunsets – relax on the beach until the sun goes down into the Atlantic Ocean or even enjoy a sunset surf session!

3. Proximity to Lisbon

First of all, the proximity of Costa da Caparica to Lisbon means you can get to the area very easily from the airport (or one of the train or bus stations, if you are not traveling by plane). Our surf camp is only about 20 minutes away from the city so it’s even close enough to be able to get a taxi or Uber without having to spend too much money. If you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of public transport options to choose from too. Second of all, being close to Lisbon means being able to enjoy the attractions of this vibrant and beautiful city. When you’re not surfing, head over to the capital to soak up some culture, sample the excellent gastronomic scene and have a fun night out in the city’s many bars and clubs (we particularly recommend checking out Bairro Alto and Pink Street!)

4. Local amenities

Costa da Caparica has everything you need to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. There are supermarkets, local markets, clothes shops, shops selling beach accessories, surf stores, bars, restaurants, launderettes, hairdressers and, well, everything you’d normally find in a town really. In addition to these standard amenities, you can find fun things to do other than surfing: bike rental, kite surfing, SUP, yoga lessons, golf, climbing and much more. In short, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

5. Value for money

Portugal is a country offering visitors great value for money and Costa da Caparica is no exception. Accommodation is highly affordable and generally of a very high standard (just check out one of our fantastic surf villas), and the same can be said of eating out in restaurants. Moreover, the cost of surf lessons and renting surf equipment is much lower than what you’d usually find elsewhere in Europe. If you’re traveling on a tide budget, then Costa da Caparica is definitely the best choice for your next surf trip. You can make your trip as cheap or as extravagant as you like though; if you do have a bit more cash to spare, there are great opportunities for you too.

6. Great weather

Last but not least, the weather. Whether you prefer more mild weather or like it baking hot, Portugal and Costa da Caparica will provide you with what you’re looking for – depending on the season. If you can’t take the heat, come in the spring or autumn when it is still warm and sunny but generally not too hot. Happy with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees? Come in summer and enjoy long, sunny days and warmer water. Even winter can be a great time to come to Caparica. There is a higher chance of some rainy days, but the sun never hides away for too long in Portugal and you have a good chance of getting some winter sun. It could even happen that you end up in your bikini on the beach in December (I am speaking from personal experience here!)

By now, you must be convinced that Caparica is THE place to catch some waves. And we promise you an awesome time at Gota d’Água Surf Camp or Surf Suites. What are you waiting for? Book your surf trip with us now!


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