Meet the team

Four surfers living their dream


Gota Dagua Surf School & Surf Camp was founded by four friends that share a common passion. To live a fulfilled life and share the Portugese surf lifestyle with the world. We dream of being a pillar of excellence within the surf industry, not just in Portugal but all around the world. Every year we are focused on improving the quality of our service by adding exceptional people to our team and continuously improving upon our business model. We are dedicated to providing the surf holiday of a lifetime for all our guests, delivering consistently high quality surf coaching and creating unforgettable memories.

The family that we have gathered along our journey is what keeps us motivated and continues to inspire us every day to keep striving for our dreams. We are a surf community spread across all parts of the world and we want to continue expanding with each year that passes.

Meet Ricardo

The brain behind the brand

Ricardo was born and raised in the Lisbon area, he started surfing during high school when he was studying Art and Design. At that time surfing was still an up and coming sport, only popular among a few. He spent all his free time surfing the empty line ups and spending many nights at the beach with his friends.

During the following years he travelled the length and breadth of Portugal as a surfing nomad, making unforgettable memories. After this he started giving swimming lessons and then continued to open his first surf school in Costa da Caparica, with just one van and 6 surfboards. He saw an opportunity and opened a store to repair boards and wetsuits.

This is where the story of Gota Dagua began, he is the brain behind the brand, the ‘’ideas’’ guy, the true entrepreneur of the team. If there is one person that can share stories of a true surfers lifestyle it’s Ricardo.

Certified Surf Instructor (Portuguese Surfing Federation)
Certified SUP Instructor (Portuguese Surfing Federation)
Certified Swimming Instructor

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Meet Gonçalo

The action guy

Gonçalo started surfing with his brother Miguel at the age of 12. They would spend all their summer vacations surfing and became so addicted that the owner of their surf school eventually gave them a spare key so that they could surf whenever they wanted, all year round. Together with his brother he travelled all over Portugal competing in national surf competitions.

Gonçalo also loves to travel to warm and tropical places, to discover new cultures and surf perfect warm water waves. He is an adrenaline junkie who is always searching for where the action is, the action junkie. In the water he loves trying out as many tricks and maneuvers as possible.

He is our surfing guru, making him our ideal surf school manager. He is responsible for all the lesson organisation and ensures that we have the best qualified instructors. As a surf teacher himself, he has specialised in teaching kids surf for many years and the love his funny character.

Degree in Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment (Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies)
Post Graduation on Surf and Performance (Universidade Lusófona)
Certified Surf Instructor Level 2 (Portuguese Surfing Federation)

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Meet Miguel

The organization guru and smiley guy

Miguel became addicted to the ocean at a young age while playing on the foamy broken waves with his bodyboard alongside his brother Gonçalo. He then began to learn how to surf at a local surf school here in Caparica. From then on his passion for the ocean and surfing only grew stronger, he was a natural in the water and his talents led him to participate in many national surfing competitions until the age of 18. It is from this that his passion for surfing and the accompanying lifestyle was born.

Miguel is also a travel addict having already visited 5 continents, he is always chasing that perfect wave. He is our organization guru, who manages to keep us continually focused and on track ensuring the smooth running of our surf camp. He is passionate about surfing and loves passing this same passion onto everyone who is lucky enough to be around him.

Degree in Graphic Design
Certified Surf Instructor (Portuguese Surfing Federation)

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Meet Pedro

The shaper and handyman

Pedro met Miguel and Gonçalo at the age of 14 during high school and from that moment on they were inseparable. From then on they started surfing together daily and it soon became much more than just a hobby, it was a new found connection to the ocean.

He has always had a strong talent for creating and building, alongside his degree in Mechanics he plays a vital role in our team as the guy who gets things done.

Pedro has the important job of the maintenance chief for all our surf boards to ensure that they are in top quality for all the students. During the low season Pedro gets to work on the skilled job of repairing our surf boards for the coming season.

Pedro loves the thrill of catching the most challenging waves and always goes in on the bigger swells. He has a calm and understanding approach to life and passes this on to everyone he meets, including his surf students.

Degree in Mechanics
Certified Surf Instructor (Portuguese Surfing Federation)

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Meet Luiz

Head Chef

Luiz arrived at Gota Dagua Surf Camp  the first time as a guest, from here he became a vital member of our team and is now a part of our family. He began surfing and catching his first waves with us and now there is rarely a day that passes that you won’t find him surfing.

In just one year Luiz learned how to prepare some of the best Portuguese dishes you will try and it’s well known by all our guests and volunteers that he prepares all of the best dinners in our surf camp. He truly puts his heart into everything he does.

When he is not taking care of our guests, volunteers or surfing he spends his time enjoying a wide variety of music and is also a keen football fan! You can always find him in our garden enjoying some football competition with our guests and volunteers. Luiz really is a shining star at our surf camp.


Accounting degree

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