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Make the most of your Erasmus Lisbon surf

erasmus surf student embracing surf lifestyle at the beach

The best surf school for Erasmus students in Lisbon

Erasmus surf at Gota Dagua surf Lisbon school welcomes a huge number of international Erasmus students every year under the Erasmus flag. Why not come join the Erasmus surf community here at Gota Dagua surf school and learn how to surf during your semester abroad! 

Our Lisbon surf school will provide you with all the surf equipment, should you want to experience surf lessons Erasmus, we have special Erasmus surf discounts on surf lessons and surf rentals. Our Lisbon surf school is located just south of Lisbon in Costa Da Caparica, a short drive across the stunning Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. The best place to enjoy the amazing Portuguese surf culture as well as start your own surf journey with our experienced Erasmus surf instructors.

ESN - Eramus Student Network - exclusive partner

Our Lisbon surf school offers the best student Erasmus surf discounts in Portugal. We are an exclusive partner of the ESN Lisboa (Erasmus Student Network Lisbon). We have daily Erasmus surf lessons which are suitable for all surf levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. We are dedicated to making sure you have the very best surf experience, from catching your first wave to your first barrel! We want to help you make the most out of your Erasmus surf experience at our surf school Lisbon.

We also offer much more than just surf lessons. Come enjoy a surf weekend full of activities at our surf camp, which includes beach parties, BBQ nights, live music, beach cleanings, tours and much more. Our surf camp is based in costa da caparica, just 5 min away from the surf school by car.

How much is an Erasmus surf lesson?

Our aim to is to give Erasmus surf students the possibility to learn how to surf while not breaking the bank of a student. We understand the for the youth to discover new horizons while learning new skills on their year abroad. Surfing is a great way to have fun and meet people around Lisbon while keeping a healthy lifestyle.

We give a discount for Erasmus students all year around that are studying in Lisbon / Setubal. The discount is valid if you have acquired the ESN card  while studying in Lisbon.

Prices of Erasmus surf lessons are (can be used also as 2h rental)s:

All year around  : 

 1 surf lesson: 20 €

Pack 5 lessons: 90 €

Pack 10 lessons : 160 €  

How much is an Erasmus surf rental?

Are you an Erasmus surf student who already knows the basic of surfing or already knows how to shred the waves? Then our surf school in Lisbon will provide you with all the equipment you will need. You can rent one of our many surfboards and wetsuits. We have epoxy board of all shapes and sizes for intermediate and expert level as well as soft boards for some fun softy days. You can book on the Erasmus surf booking page or simply visit our surf school in Costa da Caparica with a smile and good vibes.

Surf school opening hours: 09:00-18:00

Price of Erasmus surf rentals:
Surfboard and Wetsuit

All year around                 2H – 20€            All-day – 25€ 

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