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A surf holiday like no other at gota dagua surf camp portugal

Gota Dagua offers you a surf holiday experience like no other. Including accommodation, surf courses, daily group activities, amazing food, live music, unforgettable memories & much more. You will learn how to surf or improve upon your current skills, while sharing lifelong memories with new people from around the world. When you aren’t in the water catching waves, we have lots of amazing activities planned to keep you active.

Surf Camp packages

Surf packages designed to suit your individual needs

We offer surf holiday packages including group surf courses for beginners and surf coaching for more intermediate and advanced surfers. Our focus is on providing high-quality coaching from certified and highly experienced surf instructors utilising the best equipment available. We run weekly theory lessons which are delivered by our coaches, that include presentations and video analysis designed to accelerate your progress inside the water. The better you surf, the more fun you will have!

Our location and houses

Costa da Caparica the best beach break for all levels

Our surf camp is located in the coastal town of Costa da Caparica, located just 15 minutes away from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Situated in one of the best surf spots in Portugal, which boasts the perfect waves to suit surfers of all levels. Here you will find the perfect balance between a relaxing beach holiday and a wonderful city of culture. Choose to stay in the main Gota Dagua surf camp where all the action is or choose Gota Dagua surf suites just next door to enjoy a much more quiet & relaxed surf holiday.


Gota Dagua surf camp and surf suites

Our surf houses are located within walking distance of each other in the beautiful and calm neighborhood of São João da Caparica. You will find traditional cobblestone streets and cafes where you will be able to meet and greet the Portuguese locals. Ideally located just 8 minutes walk from the beach.

Gota Dagua Surf Camp

Our main surf house where we host all our dinners and evening entertainment

Our main surf camp is where all the action happens. It is where our bar and chill out areas are located as well as the games room and slackline. Here we host our family dinners, BBQ nights, live music nights, quiz nights and more. Breakfast is also served in the surf camp daily. If you prefer to be right in the middle of all the action then our surf villa is the perfect choice for you.

Gota Dagua Surf Camp rooms

Surf Suites Rooms

Located just 20 metres from our main surf camp

Our surf suites offer a more private and exclusive experience for families who wish to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of the main surf camp. Here you will be able to join all the surf camp activities, yet have quietness and relaxation of a separate house. Our surf suites are located in a three storey, bohemian style house which has a fully equipped kitchen, a lounge room with TV and family dining area. The perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Surf Suite Rooms


Extra benefits

Our location

Costa da Caparica - the best surf spot in lisbon

Just a 15 minute drive away from Lisbon city centre, across the Tagus river, you will find the authentic and charming fishing village of Costa da Caparica. This beach break is one of the most consistent surf spots in all of Portugal, offering the perfect waves for surfers of all levels.

Costa da Caparica and the surrounding area boasts many stunning white sand beaches and untouched nature, surrounded by the breathtaking cliffs. The woodland that you will find here is dominated by stone pines and mastic-trees and is part of the Arriba Fossil botanical reserve. There are lots of pleasant walks to be found here which are outlined with trail signs.

Caparica is the perfect playground for all surfers. Due to its unique location we are blessed by great swells all year around. Most of the local beaches are divided by piers which help you grab the best waves and provide shelter on the windier days. You will find people surfing, skating, biking, jogging and doing workouts at the free outdoor gym located right next to our surf school. Take one of our bikes or a skateboard along the promenade and explore the amazing view!

In Caparica town centre you’ll find plenty of local surf shops and markets to buy all your surf holiday essentials. After surfing you can chill in one of the beach bars or try a local Portuguese dish in one of the nearby restaurants.

How to find us

By public transport:

Take the No.123 bus from Areeiro station direct to Costa Da Caparica and then it’s just a short walk to our surf school located at Praia do Tarquínio (Approx. €3 in total).

From Cais do Sodré, take the short ferry across to Cacilhas and then grab an Uber from there directly to our surf school (Approx. €10 in total)

By Uber

An Uber directly from Lisbon city centre will cost around €12 - €15

Local amenities

Supermarket, pharmacy, ATM etc.

Within walking distance of our surf houses you will find all the local amenities you need during your stay including a supermarket, pharmacy, surf shops, coffee shops and restaurants. There is also an outdoor gym, kids playground, a park and the beautiful beach of São João da Caparica. Don’t forget, we offer free use of our bikes and skateboards to get you everywhere you need to go.

Places to visit nearby

Some tips from the locals

Here are some of our top tips on how to make the most of your experience in portugal

– Make it your mission once you leave the airport to find a local Portuguese coffee shop and try out our famous custard tart, the renowned “Pastel de Nata”.

– We have over 100 different dishes made using cod fish, so you should definitely sample some of the most famous while you’re here. Bacalhau com natas, Bacalhau à brás, Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá and Bacalhau á Minhota.

– Here in Portugal we have two famous beers, Super Bock and Sagres. You will find them everywhere you go, make sure to try both and let us know which is your favourite.

– Greet the locals and practice your Portuguese. Good morning – Bom dia / Thank you – Obrigado/Obrigada

– Our most famous meat dish is the Bitoque which is a must try. It consists of beef steak served with fried potatoes, rice and a fried egg. Don’t worry we know where you can find the best one in town.

Things to do

Weekly activities

A fun packed schedule all week long

Although our main focus will always be on delivering the best quality surf lessons throughout your stay with us, we still want to ensure you have a range of other great activities and experiences to take part in during your free time. During your stay we will have lots of free activities to choose from as well as paid activities which can be added onto your package. From magical sunsets on the Arriba Fossil cliffs and exploring hidden beaches to BBQ nights and beach parties, it’s sure to be a surf holiday like no other.

Free activities

Add on activities


Learn how to surf with us

Level 1 (beginner)

Maybe it’s your first time surfing or you have tried a few times before, but still don’t quite have the confidence to paddle out and catch those slightly bigger waves on your own. Perhaps you need some extra support perfecting your technique and would like to increase your surfing knowledge. If so, this level is perfect for you!

At this level you will learn all the basics of surfing in a safe and supportive environment. You will learn about the surf equipment, how to take care of it properly, safety information and surf etiquette. You will also gain an understanding of how the wind, tide, swell and currents interact with each other and how it affects the waves you surf. Alongside your surf coach we will ensure that you perfect your technique while practicing on smaller waves, building your surf knowledge and becoming confident enough to catch the wave of your dreams!

When you complete this level you will be able catch a nice selection of waves and understand surf hazards and currents. You will have sufficient practice of paddling, board control, standing up, correcting your balancing stance and even starting to make small maneuvers.

Level 2 (intermediate)

You’ve surfed many times before but you don’t quite feel confident paddling out to catch the unbroken green waves. You have a good paddling technique and you have already mastered the basic surfing knowledge (waves, winds, swell, currents etc.) If you are ready to bring your surfing skills to the next stage then this level is the one for you. Let’s work on catching that wave you’ve been dreaming of!

Here you will be more focused on catching unbroken green waves. We will continue perfecting all of your skills and make sure you are completely comfortable choosing and catching the right wave. We will also dive deeper into your surfing knowledge. You will learn to read tide charts alongside the swell forecasts and understand how to determine your best time to surf. You will learn which area is the best and the safest place to enter, paddle out, overcome waves and join the line up. We will focus more on the video coaching and video analysis after your surf lessons.

When you complete this level you will be able to catch unbroken green waves without assistance, deal with the other surfers on the line up, catch waves to your right and left and start generating speed on the waves.

Level 3 (advanced intermediate)

At this stage you are surfing regularly, have gained a lot of experience and you are able to catch waves alone to both the left and right. You know how to paddle out safely, get to the line up and you feel comfortable with other surfers around. You feel ready to start making more impactful maneuvers. If all this applies then this level is the one for you and we have the perfect training methodology to help you to get there!

Here you will be focusing on your surf performance and starting with more powerful maneuvers. You will have personalized coaching, through a continuous cycle of in depth video analyses, review and feedback.

We will focus on your timing and mastering a powerful take off, reading the waves and selection to get the most out of each surf session. You will be introduced to the bottom and top turn, cut back and re-entry maneuvers. Like the previous levels, we will dive even deeper into your surf knowledge. By completing this level you will be an autonomous surfer with the skills and confidence to have fun and enjoy surfing in all conditions.

Free surf

We have a wide selection of surfboards including softboards, shortboards, mini malibus and also longboards for you to choose from. If you are comfortable and have the experience to surf without an instructor you can always grab a board and go. You can choose a different board each day depending on the conditions, to ensure you have fun on all the waves. Don’t worry, we will always have an instructor or someone certified on hand to help you to choose the best board.

Our surf packages

Examples of surf packages



We welcome a lot of guests who are solo travelers. It’s our mission to create an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone. Whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group we guarantee you’ll make friends along the way. 80% of our guests travel alone therefore we are well prepared to create an amazing experience for solo travellers.

The typical age range of our guests is around 21-40. However, there are always exceptions and we welcome guests of all ages.

We are always flexible and will do our best to accommodate even last minute bookings. However we do advise to book early if you plan to travel during peak season as we get booked up quickly in the summer months!

Of course – with so many activities and places to visit in the local area we welcome everyone not just for surfing.

We will ensure that you get to experience the local Portuguese cuisine including a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian options. Don’t worry, no matter what your requirements we will do our best to accommodate.

Check-in is from 3pm to 9pm and check-out is before 11am. However we are flexible and if you need to arrange a different time just contact us to let us know in advance.

Within walking distance of the camp you will find a supermarket, coffee shops, restaurants, a laundrette, ATM’s and a pharmacy. Everything else you can find in Caparica town centre, nearby to our surf school.

We have free parking right outside our surf camp.

Beginners: May to October

Advanced: All year

However, even as a beginner if you decide to visit during winter or spring we will always find a nice spot for you to catch some waves.

The surf groups for adults have a maximum capacity of 5 students per instructor. We divide the groups according to your experience level.

You can use the surf equipment (wetsuits and surfboard) throughout your whole stay during and before/after lessons. You can also change your equipment depending on the wave conditions.

Flights are not included.

If you are obliged to cancel your booking you should write to us immediately. Free cancellation is applicable within 24 hours after we received the booking form with exception of bookings made within 45 days before arrival dates. Bookings within 45 days before the arrival date can not be canceled and require 100% compensation.

Cancellation in days before departure; the percentage of total refund:

  • From 60 days or more to arrival; 75% (you will be charged 25 % of the total amount)
  • 60 days or less to arrival: 50% (you will be charged 50 % of the total amount)
  • Under 45 days to arrival: 0% (you will be charged 100 % of the total amount)

We are offering free cancellations and rebooking opportunities for all bookings with travel dates 2021. Free cancellation is applicable within 7 days after we received the booking form with exception of bookings made within 45 days before arrival dates. Rebooking needs to be done 14 days prior to the arrival date. Customers can rebook with an arrival date within 12 months of the change date.  

In all cases we advise you to always follow these steps:

  1. Contact your private insurance company for any refund requests
  2. Contact your flight company for issues regarding your tickets 

Send us a written cancellation with the number of your Booking Confirmation and your account number included, and we will refund the amount within 2 weeks from the cancellation date.

The date on which we receive the cancellation will be crucial for the amount of the refund / the Traveler’s payment responsibilities.

Cancellation in days before departure; the percentage of total refund:

  • From 61 days or more to arrival; 75% (you will be charged 25 % of the total amount)
  • 60 days or less to arrival: 50% (you will be charged 50 % of the total amount)
  • Under 45 days to arrival: 0% (you will be charged 100 % of the total amount)

The initial reservation to secure your booking along with the first installment of 25% (or payment in full) should be made online. The remaining 75% should be paid no less than 45 days prior to the arrival date online. Bookings made within 45 days of the date of arrival are paid in full at the time of booking.