The 5 types of surf levels that you need to know to an unforgettable experience!

Surf levels guide for our Surf School in Portugal

Uncertain about your surf level?

Explore our blog for comprehensive insights on finding the ideal surf level for you, and discover everything you need to know about our surf school near lisbon! Whether you’re a beginner seeking the basics or an experienced surfer looking to advance through different surf levels, our blog provides valuable information to guide your surfing journey!


Level 1 – Surfing for beginners


If you’re a first-time surfer , our surf school in Portugal is here to help you progress through different surf levels. If you need extra support refining your technique and increasing your surfing knowledge, this level is perfect for you!

Join this surf level in Portugal to master all the essential surf basics in a safe and supportive environment. Our instructors will teach you about the surf equipment, the safety protocols, and the surf rules. You’ll gain insights into how wind, tide, swell, and currents interact, influencing the waves you surf.

Upon completing this level, you’ll confidently catch a diverse selection of waves, understand surf hazards and currents, and have honed your skills in paddling, board control, standing up, balancing, and even making small maneuvers. Elevate your surfing journey with our dedicated surf school and progress through the surf levels with expertise!


Level 2 – Surfing for experience beginners


If you’ve mastered the basics and you are ready to take your surfing skills to the next level,  this is the perfect surf level for you!
This surf level will help you refining your paddling, improving wave selection, and enhancing your overall board control, for an experience beginner. As you progress, you’ll find yourself confidently riding more challenging waves and experiencing the thrill of mastering new maneuvers.

This surf level is focus on the key techniques for beginners that feel comfortable to give the next step on their skills, you’ll not only learn more skills but also ensure a rewarding and enjoyable surfing experience with us at our Surf School in Portugal!

Level 3 – Surfing for intermediates


If you have surfed multiple times, mastered the basics of paddling, and acquired fundamental surfing knowledge such as waves, winds, swell, and currents, it’s time to elevate your skills to the next level! On our surf school near Lisbon we are focus on making your surf skills better. Focus on catching unbroken green waves while maintaining comfort on the waves you choose.

Our experienced instructors will delve deeper into your surfing knowledge, teaching you to read the tide and interpret swell forecasts. This advanced surfing knowledge empowers you to choose the optimal times for an enhanced surfing experience. Accelerate your progress with tools like video coaching and analysis employed at our surf school.

Upon completing this level, you’ll confidently catch unbroken green waves independently, generating speed, executing cleaner maneuvers, and gaining awareness of the lineup. Elevate your surfing journey with our dedicated surf school and advance through the surf levels with skill and confidence!

Level 4 – Surfing for advanced intermediate

Surf Levels

As an avid and experienced surfer, you’ve reached a stage where you surf regularly, confidently catching waves on both sides. With a strong foundation in paddling safely and comfortably reaching the lineup, you’re now eager to advance your skills and perfect your surf style. Our surf school specializes in guiding surfers like you through this intermediate stage, offering personalized coaching through a continuous cycle of in-depth video analyses, reviews, and feedback.

Our focus is on refining your timing and mastering a powerful takeoff. You’ll be introduced to advanced maneuvers such as the bottom and top turn, cutback, and re-entry, all while maintaining awareness of fellow surfers in the lineup. Elevate your surfing journey to the next level with our dedicated surf school, where expertise meets personalized coaching for surfers at this advanced stage.

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We have a wide selection of surfboards including softboards, shortboards, mini malibus and also longboards for you to choose from at Lisbon surf school. If you are comfortable and have the experience surfing without an instructor you can always grab a board at the surf school and surf the waves alone. The surf school in Portugal is always here, whether you want to rent surf equipment or have a surf lesson near Lisbon!

We will always try to make the most of your experience at our surf school team, check out our surf school video!


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