Gota Dagua brand new website !

The new website is life!


Wow wow wow, after 6 intense months we can present to you: our new website!! We are super happy with how the website turned out, not only is it more user-friendly, it is complete with everything you need to know about Gota Dagua. From our sustainability approach to our weekly surf schedules. Have you checked it out?


Why a new website?


We at Gota Dagua like to keep improving and to learn whenever we can. With a completely renovated Gota Dagua Surf Camp and the beautiful Gota Dagua Suites, it was time to update our website to make it as clear and easy for you to understand who we are and what we do: which is to give you an amazing and memorable Surf Holiday and to become part of our Gota Dagua family.

The main focus of the new website is the mobile version. It’s funny, we figured out that many of our bookings are done by phone. Who needs a computer nowadays if we all carry mini-laptops around! Therefore, it is optimized for web as well as mobile interfaces.

We are super happy with the new website, it looks fresh, new, and has all the information that is necessary. From the weekly surf packages, the surf schools as well as our Junior Summer Camps.

We would love to receive your feedback, let us know on the socials!


Some fun facts about our new website


Wireframes-new-website- Gota-Dagua-Surf-Camp-Portugal



  • The new website has a total of 37,327 words, say whaaaat!!
  • It took us around 6 months to design the wireframes, designs, and content
  • All the designs were done in-house, by one of the owners, as well as the content and set-up
  • The website will be available in 9 languages, so everyone can read it in their native language (which honestly is always the easiest, am I right?)


So, guys, we think it is time for you to book your best Surf Holiday Experience in Portugal via our brand-new website, and become part of the Gota Dagua Surf Family!! Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on the socials, our Instagram, and our Facebook page.

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