A Special Friend at Gota D’Agua

Gota D’Agua had the pleasure of hosting a traveler who currently has been to ninety-nine countries and counting. Carlo retired at the age of thirty to start living a life of travel and new encounters, it was our pleasure to have him at our Surfcamp and we hope his aspirations inspire others as much as it inspired us.

Hi Carlo, tell us about yourself and your past experiences.

After working as a manager in luxury fashion for over 10 years I decided it was time for a change to live life & not only to exist. I invested in property and the rest is history. A few years ago I decided to become a pilot and use this skill to volunteer for charity endeavours. I believe that if you are in a fortunate position then you have an obligation to help others.

What inspired you to visit Gota D’Agua?

Surfing has currently touched my interest, not only as a sport but as a lifestyle. I already surfed a few times over the past few years and wanted to be plunged into the surfing lifestyle which Gota D’Agua provided beyond expectation.

Tell us more about your photography, when did it all started and why?

I picked up a camera only 8 years ago. I became interested in the beauty of this planet and wanted to share my perspective on the rest of the world. The more I practiced, the more I started to find my own style, this gave me the will to improve my passion. I love landscapes, focusing on details are very important for me, it is not necessary to have the whole vista in every image.

Traveling is certainly not an easy thing for your loved ones, how do you manage it?

Well, it’s been four years since I left and while I do miss my friends and family, I do visit them in Europe every summer. Nowadays with video calls and messaging apps, it is very easy to keep in contact with everyone.

What are your thoughts of Portugal, what draws you to it?

After visiting Porto a few years back, I always wanted to return to visit Lisbon. Staying at the surf camp gave me the opportunity to live by the ocean & have the city less than 30 mins away. In addition, Portuguese food is a weak point for my tastebuds, you can really feel that it is made with love.

How did you find your time and experience at Gota D’Agua?

Truthfully, I had an amazing time, I felt part of the family from the moment I arrived. I met some lifelong friends & had a blast out on the waves every day. What I thought was the end was the new beginning, I found a new family! Hope to see you soon guys!

credits to Claire for the amazing pictures :D!


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