Enjoy an awesome
ride in
Gota d´Àgua!

Surf School

Enjoy an awesome ride in Gota d´água!

We offer surf training for all ages and levels. You will learn and improve your surf skills with our professional guidance but our main goal will always be to provide all our students with moments of pure pleasure.

Why surfing with us?

  • Suf classes for all levels: from beginners to advanced
  • Highly qualified and experienced certified local instructors
  • Depending on each surfer we provide specific guidance to improve their surf
  • Instructors stay in the water with you
  • Lessons consist of theoretical and practical parts
  • We have perfect conditions for learning since we teach on a beachbreak without rocks in the water
  • Many spots available for intermediate and advanced surfers
  • We guarantee small groups with a maximum of 5 students per teacher
  • We offer great package discounts
  • Full medical insurance


Numerous options for different conditions

Equipment can be rented at all the schools.

The 4 locations offer the possibility to adapt to different conditions. When big swells, escpecially in autumn, winter and spring hit the west coach beaches likes Caparica we are able to teach you in Carcavelos which can be more protected.

Next to that we have licences to teach in Guincho, Sao Pedro do Estoril, Peniche, Ericera and Vila Nova de Milafontes.

Click on the pin on the map for informations and directions.


School Offers

Group lessons: Beginners and advanced

During our beginner classes you will learn the basics of surfing. You can book just a single lesson or packages with more lessons with a great discount. We created a perfect program, especially for beginners built on many years of teaching experience. The more hours you stay in the water, the more waves you will catch, this is a fact!

Advanced surfers will be analyzed individually by the instructor who will guide you to improve your performance. If you have not been in the water for some time it is alwas recommended to take a class again, not only to learn about the local conditions.

   Explanation of surf equipment

   Safety issues

   How waves form

   Surf characteristics of local beaches

   Position of the board, paddle techniques and sitting on the board

   How to survive the white water

   Priority rules in the water

   Positioning in the line up

   Take- off techniques

   Take- off timing

   Catching waves before they break

   Catching green waves successfully

   Selecting the best surf equipment for your level

   Improving paddling sitting and wave-catching

   Chosing the best positioning in the line-up

   Improve timing to catch the waves

   Reading the waves

   Positioning your body for a bottom turn

   Gaining or lowering speed

   Manoeuvres: Off-the-lip, cutback and floater

   Using channels/ rip currents

Duration: 90 minutes

Schedule: every day at 10.00 am and 03.00 pm

Included: Wetsuit & board, full medical insurance

How to book: Additionally you can always call us or text us on Whatsapp, Facebook or by Email. We recommend you to book at least one day before to make sure that we have a free spot available. Moreover you can always book at one of the shops with one of your lovely employees. They can explain more about the different packages and the set up of the lessons.


Private Lessons


Our instructor will be 100 % focussed on you and you will be able to learn and to improve very fast. This is also a great option for couples, families or small group of friends.

Duration: 90 minutes

Schedule: on request

Included: Wetsuit & board, full medical insurance

How to book: Additionally you can always call us or text us on Whatsapp, Facebook or by Email. We recommend you to book at least one day before to make sure that we have a free spot available. 

Rentals & Equipment

In our schools and rental shops we have a great variety of equipment. Choose between:


Softboards for beginners: Size 6.0-9.6

Epoxy Torque boards for intermediate surfers: Size 5.11 fish- 9.0 Malibu


We offer 4/3 wetsuits for all ages and sizes.


with flippers

Kite Equipment

Modern and high quality


Meet other Erasmus students whilst learning surfing together

  • Exclusive partner of ESN Lisboa (Erasmus Student Network Lisbon)
  • Special Erasmus surf events
  • Erasmus discounts for rentals, lessons, & accommodation
  • Discounts for your friends
Great Surf rental discount*
Great Lesson discount*
Great discounts for your friends

*During the period between 15th of september until 15th of june. Please show your ESN card. Please check for more information on esnlisboa.org

Kite surfing

Learn with us the exciting sport of Kite surfing!

Our Kite lessons are carried out by IKO-certified instructors who are great on getting you on your kite and in the air. Our lessons are perfect for beginners and people who want to enhance their skills! We want you to feel save and comfortable in the water! That´s why we provide the theory and the practice you need to enjoy your yourself.

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