Why Portugal Is Probably the Best Surf Spot In Europe?

Well, yeah the best surf sport in Europe is definitely a tough spot to claim. But Portuguese wheater and the diversity of surf locations make it such a great contender. Here in Costa da Caparica alone, there’s a huge variety of waves and swells size throughout multiple beaches, making an ideal surfing location for surfers with different levels of surf.

Costa da Caparica, Ericeira, Carcavelos, Peniche and Sagres are some of the best surf spots in the world.

From the South to the North of Portugal, there are such incredible hidden gems. Portugal is perfect for a surf “roadtrip” near the coast, mainly because the best locations are not too far apart from each other and you’ll find amazing spots in between.

I think it’s fair to say that around Portugal there is a very friendly climate with solid surf, it’s frequent to see an offshore morning breeze, making it a popular surfing destination all over Europe. Either coming from inside or outside Europe, it’s a well-liked spot for surfers coming from: Germany (one of Sebastian Steudtner favorite surf spots), France, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Beyond surf, the main difference people have spotted over and over again is the Portuguese hospitality. This is well reflected in the local surfer’s attitude, many of them are willing to tell you tips and sharing their knowledge of the area. For them is all about surf and riding those waves: no bullshit.

To get a little bit more technical, we have everything between world-class point and reef breaks to wide and gentle beach breaks that are awesome for starters surfers and longboarders. Surf is pretty consistent all throughout the year from North (Espinho) to South (Sagres). Just under 45 minutes up the coast from Lisbon Center you’ll find Ericeira: an incredible cluster of breaks around the surf capital.

At the end of the day, if the heaps of swell, the uncrowded waves, the awesome beach and reef breaks aren’t enough to make you step in into the beautiful sea of Portugal, I don’t know what will. Here, you are up to one of the best surf experiences of your life. Even though this is obviously coming from a Portuguese people perpective and we want you to come to our country – with all honesty – besides the cold water and some minor onshores during the summer, we think without a doubt, that this is one of the best spots in Europe to enjoy a surf vacation.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool spot to learn to surf here in Portugal. If you are looking for a place to stay and surf, we would be more than happy if you join our surfcamp. We have surf lessons and packages for every taste, so feel free to go over any of our packages here. As we said above there are such different opportunities for every level of surf, that’s exactly why we offer Level 1Level 2 and for those more advanced surfers: Surfers Pack. By the way, if you made all the way to the end, contact us with the subject (I KNOW WHY PORTUGAL IS THE BEST SURF SPOT) and we’ll give you a nice discount!!


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