Getting Ready For The New Season

It’s winter time and for us it means preparation. The perfect time to finally recharge some batteries and maybe even do some surfing. Even though it’s time to rest, we always keep in mind to get ready for the next season. Every detail needs to be right on point to provide the best experience possible to our guests.

It’s extremely important for us to improve every year, either being through mistakes or our guest’s feedback. This is the season to organize everything and become better.

Above you can check out a quick video showing a symbolic re-opening of our surfschool in Costa In Bar, in Caparica. As we can see some of the Gota D’Água team members talk more then they work, I guess motivation is also important!

By the way, if you are reading this and you want to work with us, check out our jobs page here.

Below is a picture of one of our team members, Pedro Paiva, finally having the opportunity to chill for a while after months of hard work.

We believe Gota D’Água success is directly related to our team’s strenght and union.

Even though this is nothing more then a symbolic video, it’s funny how such a simple gesture can represent so much. It not only reflects a bit of the hard work our team has been doing behind the scenes but also the beginning of another season. Hopefully, a season full of new adventures and incredible experiences where we get to know thousands of amazing and different people.

All the dedication we put in is to get to a point where every single person that comes to one of our camps has the best experiences of their lives. It’s about bonding with new people all over the world, making friendships that last and create moments that simply freeze in time forever.


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