The best summer surf camp for teenagers in Portugal!

The best summer surf camp for teenagers in Portugal!  


Our Junior Surf Camp is a surf camp for teenagers and includes surfing, eating, sleeping and lots of fun activities for your teenagers aged 12 to 18, during the summer camp surf! The week is packed with surf or body board lessons and many other summer camp activities. Such as climbing, swimming, beach cleaning and laser tagging. That’s not all, in addition to all our daily summer camp activities, they will enjoy our after-dinner fun, which includes skate sessions, ping pong tournaments, cinema nights, talent shows, karaoke and much more. In a safe and supportive environment during the summer camp for teens. 



A unique and mesmerizing experience of a Junior Surf Camp 


After tiring and busy weeks of school, your children deserve a special and adventurous surf camp for teenagers where they can experience a real surfing experience in a quieter environment. Our Junior Surf Camp will be full of fun and in a few days, your teens will be surfing the waves in style during the Surf camp in Portugal for teenagers! A summer camp for teenagers is, without a doubt, the best way to enjoy the holiday. They will discover a new side of their personality and surprise themselves with their abilities. 

At the Junior Surf Camp, it is very common that the summer camp teenagers come from all over the world, which will add a cultural depth to the experience. This makes the whole surf camp for teenagers experience a great and fun way of self-development.


Long-lasting friendships 


Of course, we can’t forget the best part of our Junior Surf Camp, undoubtedly the friendships. In a summer camp for teens, it is practically impossible not to build long-lasting friendships with the kids, young people and teenagers around you. You share all the summer camp activities and experiences as you learn new things and gain new experiences.



All the activities prepared in our Surf camp Portugal for teenagers are designed to develop a sense of community and sharing. At a surf camp teenager summer, winter or spring camp your teens will learn to live in a team and respect others while connecting with nature. During these weeks, they will practice their favourite sports together, which will be one of the most enriching experiences.


A day in the Junior Surf Camp  


During the first days, there will be many introductory games and summer camp activities so that they can meet all the fellow-teens with whom they will share these weeks. In addition, the instructors will determine their surfing level and teach them the best techniques to evolve every day. By setting a maximum of 5 surf camp teenagers per surf instructor, the safety and high quality of surf and body board lessons is guaranteed. All surf lessons include surf equipment, wetsuit and insurance. But don’t forget the sunscreen!


teenager playing guitar in the surf camp


During this surf camp for teenagers, you can count on many surf lessons in the best conditions, a group video coaching & analysis to improve their surf level and many complementary activities. In this routine of fun and friendships, there will also be moments of relaxation. Movie sessions and other activities are part of the schedule of a real surf camp for teenager in summer so your teens always maintain the perfect balance of energy!

Our summer camp surf is designed so that the teenagers have everything they need to have a mesmerizing summer camp for teens, from the dorms, swimming pool and changing rooms to the delicious food and plenty of hydration throughout the week.


Junior Surf Camp  tasty and nutritious food


During the Surf camp Portugal teenager week your teenagers will enjoy full board meals every day: breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. 

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day, especially with a packed schedule of surfing and activities. We serve a variety of fruits, juices, breads, pastries, cereals and a host of other accompaniments to ensure all diets are met. Snacks will be provided throughout the day, usually a sandwich, fruit, snack bar and juice. All are healthy and nutritious. For lunch, we go to our beach bar and it consists of a starter, main course, dessert, water and juice. Each day the meals will vary between meat and fish and we will always have an extra option to ensure everyone’s taste is catered for. For diner, the dinner is served in our surf villa with soup as a starter, a main course of meat or fish, dessert, water and juice. At the end of each week, we have a BBQ night for everyone with salads, rice and burgers.

We want to cater for every need and therefore vegan, vegetarian and other dietary wishes/restrictions are possible. Please contact us beforehand so we are aware of the dietary wishes/restrictions of your teens e.g. vegetarian, allergy to nuts, lactose etc.


Our location & accommodation 


Our Surf camp Portugal teenager is located in a beautiful surf town just 15-30 minutes from Lisbon airport and Lisbon’s centre. It is across the Tagus river, where you will find the authentic and charming fishing village Costa da Caparica. This beach break is one of the most consistent surf spots in all of Portugal, offering the perfect waves for surf camp teenagers of all levels in a safe and supportive environment.

The stunning, and recently renovated, accommodation is just a few minutes walk away from the beach. The (private) rooms and dorms are spacious with comfortable beds to rest in after a long day of activities and are split between boys and girls. In addition to our spacious garden and swimming pool, we have all the facilities your children need to enjoy their stay.

Our location: Rua Infante Dom Henrique 28, 2825-456 Costa da Caparica

Safe and supportive environment 

It is of great importance that your teenagers feel that they are in a safe and supportive environment. We, at Gota Dagua, provide 24-hour supervision from our dedicated team with a host always on hand for all their questions.

This means that we accompany them 24 hours a day and ensure that they are looked after. If there is any concern, we will contact the parents or contact person immediately. We recommend that you give your teens a cell phone so that they feel comfortable calling their parents whenever they feel like it.

Provided a safe and supportive environment so that you can sit back and relax, or work, and not worry about your children during this time.




Summer camp activities

The Junior Surf Camp is a great way for children to spend time with others, make friendships, discover themselves and learn new sports and activities. 

However, we can imagine that it can be scary or out of your teens comfort zone to spend a week without their parents. That’s why we’ve set up the summer camp activities program that includes everything from surf camp for teenagers, but the kids do not sleep in our Junior Surf Camp. 

This can be a great first step to experiencing a week of fun activities, and who knows, it could result in the courage to head to the Junior Surf Camp the next vacation or year.


Sharing is caring! 


We are very excited to partner with Juvigo!  Juvigo’s mission is to provide children and young people with what made their childhood unforgettable: summer camp for teens. It is very important to them that the teenagers are safe and in good hands during the summer camp surf so that their parents do not have to worry during this period.

They want to make the way to the surf camp for teenagers particularly easy and uncomplicated, while at the same time offering confidence and security. Juvigo mainly focuses on Portuguese children and teenagers so that they can explore and discover other parts of their home country – Portugal – while having a mesmerizing surf camp experience. 

Junior Surf Camp, let`s go!

So let’s not wait any longer, start packing those bags with a bathing suit, towel and so many other beach accessories. Because a week full of fun activities, games on the sand and various ice creams are waiting for your teenagers! 

We can’t wait to welcome you to the best surf summer camp for teens in Portugal!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by email [email protected], contact us via WhatsApp or call us (+351) 939 591 707


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