What is the current situation in Sri Lanka?

Is it safe to travel for a Surf Camp in Sri Lanka?

The rumours of opening a surf camp in Sri Lanka are true! Two of the owners, Ricardo and Miguel,
flew into Sri Lanka in August 2022 to get the surf camp up and running. We are super excited and
cannot wait to welcome you in our Sri Lankan paradise. Located in Ahangama and only 1 min from the beach.

These pictures give a little taste of how a surf holiday in Sri Lanka can look like.


Sri Lanka Surf


A few words about the trip so far, despite from what the media says about the situation in this
country. For the last month Miguel and Ricardo, did not encounter any problems with the availability
of fuel, food or power cuts. They have had some power cuts, but most places carry a generator, as
will our camp, so no need to worry.

To anyone that is worried about travelling to Sri Lanka, you honestly have nothing to worry about.
We fully recommend coming to this country. The people are extremely friendly, and the nature and
wildlife have been amazing. We can assure you that we have not experienced any unrest, lack of fuel
or food, everything has bene fine.

We have received many questions about the political situation in Sri Lanka and if it is safe to travel.
We are happy to tell you that it is safe to visit Sri Lanka, and you can still enjoy all the wonderful
things the island has to offer. The white sand beaches, wildlife safaris, beautiful surf, wellness
retreats, amazing weather, incredible food, great culture and the most friendly people you will ever


situation in sri lanka


We know that Sri Lanka’s economy has hit rock bottom since it defaulted on international loans and
the political situation is unstable, causing the Sri Lankan to face fuel and food shortages. Sri Lanka
therefore needs your help, the help of tourism to climb out of this economic crisis. So while you are
on an amazing holiday, you will be able to help local businesses and families that could really use the
support right now.

What can we say, we just fell in love with this beautiful island with its rich history and culture, and we
are sure you will too! Come see us, because we cannot wait to welcome our family in our Sri Lankan

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