New kitecamp in Gota D’Água

No kidding. Gota D’Água family is proud to announce that is going to open its new kitecamp this year! And where else if not in Costa da Caparica?

The well eradicated surf environment of Caparica is the best spot around Lisbon to set this new Gota D’Água concept.

We all know that the Portuguese capital is nowadays a well-known city among lone adventurous travelers, couples looking for a romantic retreat and families in search of an unforgettable getaway. This is so thanks to Lisbon’s extraordinary history, ancient culture, delicious food and it’s bright sun which radiate those endless summer vibes that carry you into another dimension.

But of course Lisbon is not only this, this city is a renowned top destination for surfers, kiters, bodyboarders, windsurfers and whatsoever is related to water-sports. It just takes a short drive on Lisbon coastline to discover many of the best kitesurfing and surfing beaches within 15 minutes from the city center, and this is what we care about folks!

The variety of kitesurfing spots just few minutes from the Portuguese capital deliver the promise of conditions that cover every  rider needs, from beginners to more experienced kiters no matter what level. Like in any other location some spots are easier than others to learn how to kitesurf and this must be taken into consideration when choosing a spot around here. Furthermore, unlike some of the more infamous surf spots such as Peniche and Baleal (30 minutes drive north of city), the kitesurfing scene in Lisbon is well-kept and a rather secret one, it is easy to find world-class conditions without the crowds that often come with them. This is a priceless commodity when looking to learn how to kitesurf, particularly if you are a complete beginner. The main factors you need to take into consideration when you are looking for a cool kitesurfing spot to learn are always: the space available in which you will practice, the competing crowds, wind conditions and flat, shallow water.

Here is where Costa da Caparica comes in! Costa is by now a reference point in the surf environment in Portugal, becoming every year more and more strengthen reality among every kind of riders which encompass both locals and foreign surfers in its huge area extension. With its 30 kilometers of contiguous golden beach this is the perfect place for sun-worshippers and sport junkies, the amazing location is surrounded by green vegetation and pine forests of the national reserve of Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica that is exactly what gives that sense of detachment from the city and brings you into the true wild nature lifestyle.  The proper chill out scenery and the good vibrations are sure thing around here. 

That is why the elected spot we choose to give life to our amazing kitesurf experience could only be: Praia da Nova Vaga.

The vast area of this white sandy beach with dunes interrupted by the wooden walkways coming from the beach bar to the bathing area and on top LESS crowded than the neighbor beaches one of the best beach of Caparica for the last three years (2017, 2016, 2015). Additionally, the lack of rocks, pebbles and shells are just few of the outstanding features that make this one the perfect spot for kitesurfing. The water quality has been improving in the last 3 years as the beach as been awarded The waves get the right size (never not too big) when the wind is best, but with a good swell can reach up to 3-4 meters. As all the surf-spots in Caparica it is normal to see slight heavy swell, in certain moments of the days, turning into smooth one within few hours as consequence of the big amplitude in tide change. It is quite shallow on low tide and the waves break far from shore and the opposite happens with high tide. In summer 1-1.5 meters, sometimes 2 (but not that often) good swell from West. In winter it’s easy to see big waves  and be careful if you are surfing off-season, because there is no rescue and the waves are BIG!

The “Nortada” the nice wind from the north is another main feature of this location,  it blows usually from the early afternoon until the evening and it is what creates the perfect conditions for kiting hitting the coast mostly from north and northwest in summer. However, is not necessary to wait for this wind to go kitesurf in this great spot, as any other beach of Caparica the wind is present everyday so there are no excuses folks, Praia da Nova Vaga is the place to be at.


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