The shaper and handyman

Pedro met Miguel and Gonçalo at the age of 14 during high school and from that moment on they were inseparable. From then on they started surfing together daily and it soon became much more than just a hobby, it was a new found connection to the ocean.

He has always had a strong talent for creating and building, alongside his degree in Mechanics he plays a vital role in our team as the guy who gets things done.

Pedro has the important job of the maintenance chief for all our surf boards to ensure that they are in top quality for all the students. During the low season Pedro gets to work on the skilled job of repairing our surf boards for the coming season.

Pedro loves the thrill of catching the most challenging waves and always goes in on the bigger swells. He has a calm and understanding approach to life and passes this on to everyone he meets, including his surf students.

Degree in Mechanics
Certified Surf Instructor (Portuguese Surfing Federation)

Sri Lanka - Ahangama