The organization guru and smiley guy

Miguel became addicted to the ocean at a young age while playing on the foamy broken waves with his bodyboard alongside his brother Gonçalo. He then began to learn how to surf at a local surf school here in Caparica. From then on his passion for the ocean and surfing only grew stronger, he was a natural in the water and his talents led him to participate in many national surfing competitions until the age of 18. It is from this that his passion for surfing and the accompanying lifestyle was born.

Miguel is also a travel addict having already visited 5 continents, he is always chasing that perfect wave. He is our organization guru, who manages to keep us continually focused and on track ensuring the smooth running of our surf camp. He is passionate about surfing and loves passing this same passion onto everyone who is lucky enough to be around him.

Degree in Graphic Design
Certified Surf Instructor (Portuguese Surfing Federation)

Sri Lanka - Ahangama