How we will act in the context
of the Covid-19 pandemic

Gota dÀgua Surf camp & school was founded in 2014, on the coast of Caparica, south of Lisbon, Portugal. Since then, we thrive to share our genuine passion for surfing to our clients and friends as well as the experience of gliding on the waves of the sea and the pleasure of sharing these moments with people from all over the world!

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives were abruptly and unexpectedly interrupted, which in turn decisively affected the functioning of the surf camp and surf school. This new challenge made us wonder how we could continue to offer all our customers and friends the same experience and quality we always have had dedicated ourselves to achieve.

We have reflected on how to tackle this social and health issue; while keeping in mind our great wish to continue offering a unique and unforgettable experience! We are prepared and eager to welcome you to the family, where we will be devoted offer you a dream vacation!

The most important for Gota dÀgua is the health and safety of our team, clients and friends. We made important changes to the surf camp and surf school to safeguard the safety and health of everyone visiting Gota dÀgua Surf Camp. Our intention are to transmit a clear message of all the decisions and adaptations we have made to both the surf camp and surf school.

Gota dÀgua has adopted the Clean & Safe certification of Turismo de Portugal, thus following all the rules and adaptations imposed by this governmental entity to guarantee the safety of visitors, customers and friends. The entire Gota dÀgua team received specific training by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health and we are duly prepared to receive all those who intend to visit us!

What are the changes and recommendations implemented in Gota dÁgua?

  • Staff:
  • The entire team received specific training on Covid-19 procedures and ways of acting.
  • The use of a mask in the surf camp is mandatory.
  • Temperature is taken daily of all staff members.
  • Surf Camp:
  • Notices have been placed in all common areas outlining the health and safety procedures recommended by the General Directorate of Health and Tourism of Portugal.
  • Dozers containing ecological alcohol gel, are available in strategic places around the camp. (i.e. near exits and outside bathrooms mostly.)
  • We recommend paying attention to the notices around camp stating how to maximise indoor and outdoor use in accordance to the social distance rule, with exception of groups of friends or families.
  • Breakfast at the Surf camp will be served individually. The guest chooses what he/she wants from the buffet and a staff member will prepare and serve you what you have chosen.
  • Surf camp dinners are prepared and served by the surf camp chef while respecting the recommended social distance with exception of groups of friends or families.

What are the procedures for cleaning and disinfecting spaces?

We take all issues related to the hygiene and disinfection of Gota dÀgua  surf camp seriously. With the Clean & Safe Certification of Turismo de Portugal, we created a protocol and a contingency plan with all the guidelines and necessary actions to be implemented. We exclusively use 100% ecological products certified by the General Directorate of Health.

  • Surf Camp Procedures:
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection with special attention to all surfaces and areas of touch such as handles, switches, tables, chairs and benches.
  • Surf camp bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected at least every 3 hours or whenever we find it necessary to comply with the recommended levels of hygiene.
  • Shared rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • All dishes are washed using a high temperature dish washer.

How does the surf school, equipment and student transport procedures work?

Our surf school is divided into two distinct spaces, in different locations in Costa da Caparica. In both spaces, we have created a disinfection and sanitation station for all surf equipment (surfboards and wetsuits).

  • Surf School Procedures:
  • After each session, all equipment is disinfected and sanitized. After the drying period, all equipment is returned to the appropriate place, clean and safe, so that it can be used by a new student.
  • The maximum ratio is 1 instructor for 5 students of similar surfing level.
  • The timetable for class schedules will be organized in such a way as to allow a minimum of 30 minutes between each start/end of each session and group to maximise the safety of all participants.
  • Each student will have an individual box to place all their belongings. This box will be properly disinfected and dried after each use.
  • It is recommended at all times to respect:
  • The social and safety distance rule (2 m), with the exception of groups of friends and families.
  • The 4m distance between students when surfing.
  • Measures for surf camp guests:
  • We recommend using one wetsuit during the entire stay.
  • The wetsuits will be cleaned and labelled as well as stored at the school throughout the week.
  • At the end of the week, we will proceed to disinfect the wetsuits with a certified ecological detergent and disinfectant. Wetsuits are then dried and stored to be re-used.

How does it work with surfboards?

Our surfboards will be properly disinfected with an ecological detergent certified by the General Health Directorate and set to dry so that they can be re-used in complete safety.

How will the students be transported?

  • We will continue to transfer students and guests from the Airport to the surf camp and from the surf camp to the beach. However, we must obey some safety rules, such as:
  • Allowing only 2/3 passengers per transport vehicle depending on the vehicle´s seating capacity.
  • Mandatory use of masks inside the vehicles.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the vans after transporting each group of people.

How does the whole team of Gota dÀgua feel?

With minor changes and necessary measures in view of the current situation and with the cooperation of all (staff and guests), the Gota dÀgua surf camp is a safe place! We are prepared and looking forward to welcoming you and continuing to do what we know and do best: offering authentic experiences and a dream surf vacation!