4 guys with a very same dream

The Dream team

5 years ago we made our dream come true

This is simply a team of four Portuguese guys and good friends that wanted to enjoy the best surf experience in Portugal. But you know what? They went a step further and shared it with the world! As experienced travellers they know perfectly well what you are looking for. Their passion for both surf and their country is what moves them to share the Portuguese surf experience!

Meet Our Team

Trips, experiences, and places. All in one service.

Meet Ricardo

Our creative and sociable soul

Ricardo grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon. He started surfing when he studied Art and Design and surfing was anything but popular. Living the old school surfdream he spent all his free time sleeping in a tent at the beach with his friends and surfing empty line ups. During the next years he travelled all over Portugal as a surfing nomad. Making a living with surfing he started to fix boards, wetsuits and finally opened his first surf school with a van and 6 boards. Until now he is the creative soul of Gota da Agua and he loves to share his stories with you. Moreover he is a certified surf teacher graduaded with the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s instructor course and he is certified as a SUP instructor

Meet Miguel

Our organisation talent and party animal

Miguel prefered to be in the ocean than on land since he was a small kid with his bodyboard. When he was 12 he switched to surfing and started at a local surf school in Caparica. His passion and talent led him to partipate in competitions until he was 18. He is always eager to travel the world in order to chase the best waves. Today he has a degree in Graphic Design and he is the organisational talent of the crew managing the camp. Besides that Miguel is our party animal and loves to take our guests to amazing party venues. He has been teaching for many years and loves to infect other people with the surf virus. He successfully graduaded with the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s Instructor Course.

Meet Gonçalo

Our action guy

Goncalo started surfing at the young age of 12 together with his brother Miguel.  Their passion was no secret and the owner of their surf school even gave them a spare key so that they could surf whenever they wanted. After school Goncalo studied Tourism and Management. He loves to travel to tropical places to discover other cultures and ways of (surf) living. Goncalo enjoys the thrill of catching challenging waves and goes for big swells. Thats why he is our action junkee and responsible for organising great activities with and for you. He will know which is the best cliff to jump off for sure. As a teacher he is specialised in teaching kids for many years and they always love his funny character. Goncalo has the Postgraduation Surf and Performance from the Universidade Lusofana.



Meet Pedro

Our shaper and handyman

Pedro started surfing at the age of 14 and he met Goncalo and Miguel at school, all growing up in the same neighbhorhood close to Caparica. Together with the others he discovered his passion for this sport. Always interested in building, with a degreee in Mechanics, he likes to shape and repair boards. In the water he enjoys trying out as many tricks and manoeuvers as possible. Pedro is responsible for managing our different surf schools and has been teaching for many years. If you have any quesions about boards, he is the right person to ask! He successfully graduaded with the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s Instructor Course.

More family crew members

Meet Luiz

King of the Surf Villa

Luiz is the good soul of the house. He came as a guest, originally from Brazil, and never left because he loved it so much and became a part of the family. He manages bookings for the Surf Villa and will always have time to answeryour questions during your stay. When he is not working or surfing he loves to watch football and to dance, especially during our beach parties.

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