2018 just came in and what better way to start then with a fresh website. We wanted to improve the user experience so everyone can book a week full of adventures with us here in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. The idea behind the website was pretty simple: if you want to have a blast just click BOOK NOW and you are done! We also changed the design quite a bit but overall the experience of the website was the main difference and was completely rethought.

Probably the biggest news was the introduction of a brand new camp: Gota D’Água Kitecamp here in Caparica, Lisbon. This was a big step for us, all we wanted was to provide another way for all our guests to experience the Portuguese waters, this time around not just with surf.

Also, teens and kids are now even more present with the Gota D’Água Teencamp here in Caparica, Lisbon. Finally, parents will be able to book the best experience possible for their children with a click of a button. Detailed information, pictures and videos are now displayed to what we believe might be one of the best summer camp experiences in Lisbon, Portugal.



The Kitecamp and the Teencamp are the biggest news of this website!

Last year everyone talked about our team page so we kept a similar vibe to it just a different design. If you have the time check it out here.

Overall, all these changes were made with our guests in mind. We kept every single user feedback and improve upon that. A faster, easier and more friendly experience is all we wanted and hopefully, we achieved that.

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